U: Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane Tube: U

Polyurethane tube is made from high-quality ether-based polyurethane. It is easy to work with due to its exceptional flexibility and close tolerance construction. Used for industrial robots and pneumatic piping.

  • This tube will not kink and may be used in negative pressure (-750mm Hg) applications.
  • Easy circuit tracing is possible with the choice of six colour options: black, blue, clear, yellow, red, and green.


  • Industrial robots
  • Pneumatic lines
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Oil & Fuel delivery lines
  • Air Tools
  • Process Control
  • Resistant to most oils, fuels and greases
  • Ether formulation resists attack from moisture, fungus and radiation
  • UV stable – good for outdoor use
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, impact, abrasion and repeated flexing

Roll Sizes:

3mm = 200m
1/8″ = 200m
4mm = 200m
6mm = 100m
1/4″ = 100m
8mm = 100m
10mm = 100m
3/8″ = 100m
12mm = 100m
1/2″ = 100m
16mm = 50m