PXG: Double Y Reducer


Composite Tube-to-Tube Double Y Reducer – One Touch Push-In Fitting: PXG

Double y reducer, metric tube.

  • One-touch joints are used in pneumatic piping. Easy to connect/disconnect tube with one touch.
  • Can be applied and removed easily in confined spaces.
  • Can be used under a wide range of pressures.

Method of Application

  1. Make sure that the end of the tube is cut at 90 degrees and free of burrs.
  2. Push the tube through the ‘collar’ into the fitting.
  3. Continue pushing the tube past the ‘packing’ allowing the lock claws to fully hold the tube in place. This is to ensure leakages do not occur.
  4. To remove the tube simply press the sleeve to recess the lock claws then pull out the tube.